Definition of Groomy

Currently, I’m refining our Scrum Process, as we will get a new PPO soon an I figured this to be a good moment to readjust and fine-tune. Like so many other teams, we constantly wrestle with our UserStories, size, content, impediments an so on. Therefore, I’ll introduce an additional quality gate, the


Definition of Groomy

The basic idea is, that a story should have a certain degree of maturity before it is groomed. Thus, the potential influence of the team – mainly developers – shifting the story into a technical direction, should diminish, as the story is groomed by user functionality, not by technical dependencies.

This Definition of Groomy shall describe the state, any story should have when entering in the full team grooming.

The SM should check every story and assist the PO/PPO in adjusting if the story is not ready to be groomed. I’ll post our definition along with the first experiences once we have that implemented.