Extended Safety Check

One of the many information gathering processes in Scrum is the safety check, in which participants simply reflect on their own perception of the team’s level of trust.

I’ve come to think of two major areas, that should be monitored. The teams performance, speaking strictly technicalities on the one hand. On the other hand, there is the ‘inner state’, the emotional, personal and interpersonal relations.

It’s my observation, that at some point after the storming phase, there comes an episode of tranquility. During that time, there’s not much need for discussion that other side. Nonetheless, it should stay in the SM’s focus to a certain level.

Therefore, I’ve extended the short and simple check a little.  I use it not only to monitor the team-members current feelings towards the team, but also try to keep an eye on the general level that the teams feels comfortable at. So, I additionally question not only for the general level, that the members would like to work in, but also which variance they are willing to tolerate.

And of course, that has to be anonymous, because telling someone, you don’t trust them, is usually not going to happen, if you have a forced relationship with them.

You can download the ErweiterteSicherheitsabfrage (german). Feel free to use and adept.