Individual Velocity?!

Recently, a colleague of mine asked me about measuring personal velocity in Scrum. After looking kind of surprised, I realized, that I hadn’t given that topic much thought. In fact, the very idea of measuring individual performance hadn’t occurred to me at all. I also realized, that this is something, I really love about Scrum, that this is, where it’s real spirit sticks out.

Regardless of not being a topic for me, I looked around and want to share two quotes, essentially saying the same thing:

Nanda Vivek from the ScrumAlliance says:

If you were able to calculate such a metric, what would you do with the data? I suspect the answer is that you would use it to reward or punish on the basis of productivity, and this is something you don’t want happening within a Scrum environment.

A very good article a bout the side effects from Sciros, where he points out:

What does individual velocity mean when you are talking about a software development? In the environment in question, each deliverable will be handled by at least three people — a primary developer, a developer who provides peer review, and a dedicated tester. In many cases there will be even more team members involved. So whose “velocity” is at stake when a deliverable isn’t done at the end of an iteration?

Both articles are well worth reading and should hush all thoughts about the topic.

[Nanda Vivek /Tracking Individual Performances in Scrum]

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