Agile Retrospectives



Agile Retrospectives by Esther Derby and Diany Larsen.

It has lots of interesting, small thoughts, that are not revolutionary or rocket science, but nonetheless, quite important and therefore brilliant to be compiled together.

“Before you jump in to fix things, notice your own response. It’s easy to focus on comforting one person and lose track of the goal and the needs of the team.”


Coaching Agile Teams

Lyssa Adkins’ ‘Coaching Agile Teams’ offers some of those simple yet amazingly powerful ideas.

She talks about the striving for higher performance as a team and therefore as an individual. She suggests, that those people involved in Scrum or Agile in general mostly live a certain lifestyle, minted by self-determination and awareness. And that this finds it’s counterpart in the intense need to be involved in the product-creation on a basic level. The need to have influence, a sense of purpose and the certainty, that the created product has some actual value.

This suggests a value in Agile – addressing those needs –  that would actually set it apart from a purely product and therefore business centric concept.

I find this mind-blowing and if the rest of the books holds up to that promise, it will surely change my perception of Agile in a very profound way. Looking really forward to continuing reading!