The Sprint – An amorphous being!

Some weeks ago, the Retros once again became kind of stale and I had the feeling (which should proof to be true some time later), that our Retros had become kind of gridlocked in repeating techniques. So, I wanted to try and give my team┬ásome space. Therefore, I came up with the Sprint – an amorphous being. It looks like this:


The basic idea is as follow: Everyone in the teams know the different techniques inside out. And, let’s face it, whatever you call it, the expected outcome is always the same, regardless of how the different terms and namings are. Therefore, I figured, why not just give ’em the opportunity to simply put down what they mind. But as we all know, just laying out some pen an paper doesn’t work either. So, I just had the most popular of our namings as a kind of ┬áboundary, inside everyone was free to post whatever was felt necessary.


The idea did work well so far. What I didn’t expect was, that the team was so accustomed to the bounding terms, that they actually tried to map most of their points to some of the familiar terms. So, keep in mind to really explain, that the point about this approach is, that there is no specific question lingering in the background besides what was important to them in their last sprint.